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Our chef and host Roland is the kitchen the heart of Milla Montis. This is his office and source of wellness. He works together with his team daily, to generate menus for connoisseurs, to work on new ideas and implement those in a raffinate way. Closeness to nature is always important, homegrown vegetables and herbs find always their place on the dishes in the menu. A new and particular kitchen design ensures that guests can take a look at their kitchen-heroes while they create their next speciality.

Draw the curtain
for a good taste.

  • Alpine kitchen
  • Unconcealed
  • Eat, as an experience
  • Hygienically clean

What matters in the Milla-Montis cuisine is that the ingredients are regional. Everything that grows in the territory, originates from the region. It grows in the own garden or it comes from the nearby farmers. To have more diversity we have products coming from the entire Alpine region to include more delicacies in this way. The result is a refined Alpine cuisine.

Applying such clear concepts to the cuisine means to give insight to the creation of our delicious menus and the work routine of our creative team. Our chef Roland can greet his guests with a radiant smile. This transparency reflects the philosophy of open hospitality and fits perfectly to Milla Montis.

Through this concept of “open curtains” your breakfast and dining experience will transform into a culinary journey. You can look into the kitchen, the culinary heart of Milla Montis, directly from the buffet, which tempts you with fresh fruit, local products or aromatic cheese and our eager cooks will sometimes provide you with tips or recipes to try out for yourself.

Convince yourself of the working method in our Milla Montis cuisine. You will see that the hygiene guidelines are very strict in every aspect of our work. We are proud to show you our specialists, their meticulous work to try to satisfy your needs. Genuine, respectful, equal. These are our clear principles to work together, you will see that too.

More about our delicacies
from the Milla Montis cuisine

Take your time. Enjoy life. Savour every moment. We offer the fitting holiday package for everyone, active people, epicures and curious people – all year long.

Short Stay, 4=3
until 07.04.23, 13.05.23 - 15.07.23, 05.11.23 - 12.11.23

Get out of the daily routine and join the Milla Montis lifestyle! Enjoy moments of tranquility in the Monits SPA, pamper your palate with culinary highlights or grab skis or snowshoes and up the mountains. All this and a night for free!

from € 600,00 p.p.
Slopes Season, 7=6
11.03.23 - 10.04.23

Experience perfect conditions on the slopes with some carving fun. Spring sunshine awaits and doubles the fun on the snow.

from € 1134,00 p.p.
Rest time
until 11.04.23, 12.05.23 - 28.07.23, 02.10.23 - 12.11.23

Arrive and the relaxing begins. Take some time off for yourself. Enjoy all the comforts Milla Montis has to offer. Inspired by the majestic view of the Dolomites.

from € 719,00 p.p.

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