The key to happiness

is ours now at Milla Montis ... specifically, the key to your holiday happiness.

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the way we are

with Franziska
and Roland

Where did you get the idea to open a hotel?

Roland: When I was 15 years old, I cooked for the first time professionally. I came home a bit battered, but I fell in love with this craft. I already knew what I wanted to accomplish, to thrill people. Since my parents ran the farm Untermüllerhof, I was sort of born into gastronomy.

Franziska: My parents run a bio farm, where they let holiday apartments, it was therefore important since my childhood to work with guests. I was used to helping at home and soon after I could not imagine not to deal with this kind of experiences. The path that lead to our own hotel was still a long one though – without the help of Roland’s parents it would not have been possible.

What did inspire you to build such a remarkable building?

Roland: A hotel, like there are many others, was not meant to be. We did not want to build a simple dormitory where everything is interchangeable. The aim was to build something, that reflected our philosophy, our quality consciousness and our familiar way to run and do things. Our motto “Origins with a new interpretation” was born and we launched an architectural competition.

Franziska: Yes, and that’s how we received a sketch by Peter Pichler. It enchanted us at first sight. The deisgn was unique, modern but deeply rooted in our territory and the nature that surrounds it. Our dream had a distinctive design and a very personal identity.


How did you come up with the name Milla Montis?

Roland: We wanted to put emphasis on what is important to us, to highlight the features with the name of the hotel. We went for a clue of our origins and the breath-taking territory in which we live.

Franziska: Milla is the indication of the farm Untermüllerhof in South Tyrolean dialect while Montis is of course a reference to the beautiful scenery of the Dolomites.

What is important for you, regarding Milla Montis?

Franziska: We want to create a place for recreation. People coming here should feel strength coming from nature. This is why furniture und facilities of the hotel are important. We use high quality materials of our region, for example the ash tree floor, which was custom-made, in all of the rooms and lounges. Plain and authentic – these are our principles and this is our Milla Montis.

Roland: The well-being of our guests is our priority, but a friendly working environment for our staff members is also important. Our desire is that everyone can participate and feel good. And that there is a healthy and respectful interaction – this inspires and ensures best service.

What are your plans for the future?

Franziska: We want to ensure that our guests feel well from the moment they arrive at this place. Where they are pampered all along. Where they can choose between a vacation filled with activities or just lie back and enjoy the scene that the mountains offer. It should be a place where you want to come back sooner or later.

Roland: Right, but we are not stopping here. We have more ideas, that we want to put in concrete terms. We are open-minded towards new inspirations and possibilities to develop further.

A place of longing, which inspires joy.
Milla Montis - where holidays mean more.


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