Quietness holds strength

Not loud but filled with noises. Not strident, but still colourful. Down-to-earth, but still inspiring – this is the territory around Meransen. The UNESCO World Heritage of the Dolomites wakes up the desire. The desire, which inspires everyone, appealing in a different way to everyone but always attracting. Take a deep breath and feel the fresh alpine air. Admire the colourful scenery offered by plants in sunlight – ranging from light green in spring, to fully developed colours in summer until the last glows of colour in autumn. A region, which contains a high addiction potential and induces you to come back to discover more undiscovered sights. If you decide to – we are keeping a room available for you.

Moments to keep in your heart.

  • Hiking with a view
  • Fast on the racing bike
  • Flying high with MTB
  • Follow the flow - yoga

Are you a mountaineer? If yes, Meransen is the right place for you. You can see over 500 mountain peaks in Gitschberg Jochtal from your summit, if the weather is right. Therefore, you already know where the adventure takes you next. Or if you prefer you can go for a comfortable walk to a nearby alp and enjoy some delicious treats.

Dynamic curves, rapid excitement. You wish to climb the elevation on the serpentine road that leads to mountain passes – start your adventure on two wheels here in Meransen. A lot of different routes lead you to many different South Tyrolean landscapes and award your fatigue with quite a view.

Cosy family tour, tour of alps, fast and exhausting downhill ride. Everything is possible. You can overcome whichever altitude you prefer or stroll through the valley – always in company with the best view. Along the way as many stops and farms as you like that provide you with the refreshments you need.

Concentrate on your needs and those of your body. Enjoy some peaceful moments. By doing yoga in our meditation room you will feel the force that sits inside you. Flowing motion and regular breathing have a calming and strengthening effect.

Do you prefer some
fun in the snow?
find winter pleasures

Take your time. Enjoy life. Savour every moment. We offer the fitting holiday package for everyone, active people, epicures and curious people – all year long.

Short Stay, 4=3
02.10.23 - 28.10.23, 03.11.23 - 12.11.23, 10.12.23 - 23.12.23, 07.01.24 - 28.04.24

Get out of the daily routine and join the Milla Montis lifestyle! Enjoy moments of tranquility in the Monits SPA, pamper your palate with culinary highlights or grab skis or snowshoes and up the mountains. All this and a night for free!

from € 600,00 p.p.
Rest time
02.10.23 - 12.11.23, 07.12.23 - 24.12.23, 07.01.24 - 28.04.24

Arrive and the relaxing begins. Take some time off for yourself. Enjoy all the comforts Milla Montis has to offer. Inspired by the majestic view of the Dolomites.

from € 719,00 p.p.
Eco Vacation
27.08.23 - 12.11.23, 07.12.23 - 24.12.23, 07.01.24 - 28.04.24

Fill up on sustainable energy - twice over. While you can fully recharge your energy in our house and we pamper your palate to your soul, your electric car can refuel its energy at our charging station free of charge. 

from € 867,00 p.p.

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