The key to happiness

is ours now at Milla Montis ... specifically, the key to your holiday happiness.

The MICHELIN Guide has, for the first time, awarded "MICHELIN Keys" to hotels worldwide that are unique in every aspect and possess special character and charm.

the way we are

You gift us with your trust.

Your trust, that we can transform your holidays into something special and give you moments of joy. To realize your wishes, including those you did not pronounce. This is our goal, together with our team. We are looking forward to seeing you smile when you leave at the end of your stay, already playing with the thought of coming back sooner or later. Atmosphere plays an important role in ensuring all of this is possible, therefore we want that Milla Montis is a place where respect and friendliness are relevant factors, not only for our guests but for our co-workers too.

Achieve more.
As equals.

  • Culinary team à la minute
  • Finest service
  • Hygienically clean

Under the expert guidance of our host Roland, everyone can let his creative flow run wild. The team works united making use of the best ingredients of our region. Menus are worked out together, putting not only the pots together but the heads as well.

Doesn’t matter if reception desk or service, the Milla Montis team is always trying to satisfy your wishes. If we are not able to accomplish this, please tell us. This way we have the chance to realize it. We can gladly give you insider knowledge about hiking trails, climbing routes or skiing tours.

In arranging our rooms, spatial generosity was an important factor. This benefits us now. Keeping distance won’t be a problem in Milla Montis. Our rooms and spaces are cleaned daily following the latest hygiene guidelines. Our housekeeping team ensures that Milla Montis shines inside and outside, so that you can enjoy the sight.

Are you looking for an extraordinary job in Meransen? Send us your application!​​​​​​​

Take your time. Enjoy life. Savour every moment. We offer the fitting holiday package for everyone, active people, epicures and curious people – all year long.

Short Stay, 4=3
01.05.24 - 08.05.24, 12.05.24 - 18.05.24 - 20.05.24 - 26.05.24, 02.06.24 - 13.07.24, 03.10.24 - 10.11.24

Get out of the daily routine and join the Milla Montis lifestyle! Enjoy moments of tranquility in the Monits SPA, pamper your palate with culinary highlights or grab skis or snowshoes and up the mountains. All this and a night for free!

from € 600,00 p.p.
Yoga Retreat
09.06.24 - 12.06.24

The yoga retreat in the middle of the breathtaking mountain world offers the perfect scenery for rest and relaxation of your body and mind. Surrounded by unspoilt nature, you can take a deep breath, enjoy the silence and focus completely on your yoga practise. The combination of powerful yoga exercises, meditation and fresh mountain air is like a balm for your soul and helps you to escape the daily grind. In this idyllic setting, you will find the peace and quiet you need to recharge your batteries and rebalance yourself.

from € 635,00 p.p.
Time off at Milla Montis, 7=6
01.05.24 - 13.07.24, 06.10.24 - 10.11.24

Come to us, when nature wakes up from winter sleep and the first buds and blossoms are just beginning to show themselves. Or when leaves turn yellow and orange in autumn – the best time to go hiking and biking.

from € 1.116,00 p.p.

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