Full-body massage

A beneficial treatment, to loosen cramped muscles and tenseness. It benefits blood circulation and gives your body new energy. Enjoy its calming effect. 

50 min, € 74,00   |  Request a date

Intensive back massage

A long day of work can be hard on your back and can result in annoying pain. The intensive treatment of your back can loosen your muscles and prevent the unpleasant feeling. At the end of your massage you can benefit of a treatment with unguent and balm.

50 min, € 77,00   |   Request a date

Hot stone massage

The energy of the warm volcanic stones leads to harmony for body and mind. Tensions are released in a targeted manner. Physical energy sources are stimulated and a feeling of mental and physical well-being is created.

50 min, € 84,00   |   Request a date

Feet massage

Do you have the desire for more relaxation, quiet moments and an intensive sense of well-being? Do yourself something good and enjoy a back and feet massage. Those are the parts of our body that suffer the most during a long day recieve some relief and care with this special treatment. It’s time for some pleasure!

50 min, € 84,00   |   Request a date

Kobido facial massage

A traditional Japanese facial massage, especially for the often-forgotten facial muscles. With its very virtuoso stroking, tapping and plucking techniques, it is different from the traditional facial massage. The facial musculature is strengthened down to its depths to counteract skin slackness. Through targeted stimulation of the energy points and meridians of the face, the skin surface is vitalized and the capillaries strengthened. In addition, the invigorating technique leads to faster regeneration of the skin cells.

50 min, € 90,00   |   Request a date

Total relax massage

A massage for total relaxation. It happens often that we stress our body too much. A tense body and muscles are the outcome. We can help loosen you up with gentle or firm massage movements to take care of your entire body.

90 min, € 105,00   |   Request a date

Take a deep breath –
Spa holidays in Meransen.

Taking a bath in the heated Infinity-Pool inspires your thoughts. Sweating in the sauna and in the steam bath gives your body a sense of wellbeing. Feel the happiness of the moment.


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